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Lunches: Welcome

Lunches by Dybosia are perfect to pick up on your way to the beach, to enjoy with colleagues at work, to fuel your wedding party, or to enjoy with company at your next party.
Four guest minimum (six for soups); however, inquire about smaller groups. Please limit salads and sandwiches to one type for groups of four or less.

Lunches: About


truffle mushroom

arugula/pepitas/parmesan/crispy mushrooms/truffle citrus dressing

herby cider

mixed greens/parmesan/herby cider dressing

roasted grape

mixed greens/roasted grapes/pepitas/feta/shallot balsamic reduction

poached pear

mixed greens/red wine & peppercorn poached pear/chèvre/toasted walnuts/shallot balsamic reduction 

roasted beet

mixed greens/roasted beets/feta/pepitas/hot honey vinaigrette

kale caesar

kale/crispy prosciutto/toasted panko/parmesan/fried capers/house dressing

wild rice

locally sourced wild rice/toasted almond slivers/celery/dried cranberry/mint/feta/honey vinaigrette 


burrata/roasted beets/fennel/crushed pistachio/hot honey & cider vinaigrette 

charred broccoli 

charred broccoli/parmesan/pepitas/crispy pancetta/umami dressing

Lunches: About


roasted portobello

thyme, garlic & balsamic roasted portobello/asiago/arugula/truffle citrus aioli

cured meat 

cured meat/aged cheddar/mixed greens/onion sprouts/garlic basil aioli

roasted chicken

herby roasted chicken/swiss/mixed greens/garlic basil aioli

shaved roast beef

shaved roast beef/swiss/mixed greens/onion sprouts/garlic horseradish aioli


shaved turkey breast/swiss/mixed greens/cucumber/garlic dill aioli


sundried tomatoes/artichokes/grilled pepper/asiago/mixed greens/red onion/pesto aioli

sandwich board

allow guests to create their own sandwich from a selection of toppings

Lunches: About


parsnip & celeriac

with browned butter sage drizzle

creamy tomato

with fresh basil & sourdough crouton 

roasted beet

with fresh dill & cumin spiced sour cream 

cream of mushroom

with truffle oil & sourdough crouton 

potato leek 

with browned butter & sourdough crouton

Lunches: About
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