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Crafted exclusively for Dybosia by Bayfield Lavender Farm

Lavender Bergamot Dish Soap Bar

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  • This eco-friendly dish-washing soap block is a wonderful zero-waste addition to your kitchen routine with a lovely lather and the gentle aroma of sustainably grown lavender and bergamot. 

    Our suggestion: Fill your sink with hot water, lather up using a dish brush, sponge, or wet cloth, and scrub those dishes clean! Store your bar on a soap dish with drainage. 

    We’ve noticed that our dish bar lasts longer than the liquid we’d normally buy at the store. With liquid dish soap, it’s easy to use more than is necessary when doing the dishes. With bar dish soaps, it’s easier not to overuse and the lather stays strong. While we still like having a refillable liquid dish soap on hand, having both options is a great choice. 

    Other uses: take labels off of jars, spot clean your carpet, use it to wipe down counters.

    This bar is packaged using no plastic, is vegan, septic safe, and biodegradable with no harsh skin-irritating chemicals. It’s gentle on sensitive skin.

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